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Always Liquid Trades

Aspiring traders struggling to score in the trading world can finally heave a breath of relief. Leading trader Michael Cerisano has recently launched his new trading group to help new and beginner traders make it big in the trading scene. Titled “Always Liquid Trades”, the trading group shares all those proven strategies and expert insights that help Cerisano to earn more than $1,500 worth of profit daily.


The online trading group is open to traders all around the world for a nominal subscription. “I am excited to bring to you my trading group ‘Always Liquid Traders’. It’s based on the proven ‘ALT’ method which has simplified stock and other kinds of trading for hundreds, eliminated uncertainties, and enabled them to reap huge profits consistently”, stated Cerisano.

A veteran trader by now, Cerisano’s first tryst with trading happened in 2015 when he was a sophomore in college. It all started with his encounter with stocks which introduced him into the financial world. Over the past few years, Cerisano has developed considerable expertise in art and science of trading and has had been earning sizeable profits from it daily.

“It has taken me 3-4 years to perfect the ‘ALT’ mechanism which has finally helped me to reap $1,500+ worth of profit daily and on a consistent basis. Now, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and insights on ALT with other aspiring traders out there to help them make it big in the trading world as well.”

The trading group focuses on stock and other major trading markets trending in the contemporary financial scene. Group members will receive weekly markets and daily signals from experts so that they can make informed decisions in the nick of time.

“A major factor that separates Always Liquid Trades from other regular trading resources around is its exclusive analysis and approach to the market. Our constant focus is on how to make more efficient trades that will maximize rewards and minimize risks. With this, our members get the needed guidance to develop proper risk management skills and their own type of strategy based on their specific trading behavior.”

Interestingly, the ALT Group debunks the 3 baseless myths that have long prevented many aspiring traders to earn money in the stock market.


1. One has to have years of experience and sound know-how on technical analysis
The initial investment should be $1,000!

2. One has to exponentially keep adding money to his account to make a profit in the stock market!

3. “Don’t limit your trading and profit potential based on the baseless myths floating around today. Anybody interested in trading can join and make money in the stock market, irrespective of capital, and experience. The only things you will need here are the right guidance, insights, and proven risk-less strategies... Which we will show you in the ALT Group.”

Membership with ALT Group will support traders in the following ways:

1. Provide access to Cerisano himself, his top traders, and his “ALT” trading method!

2. Offer access to the time-tested ALT trading course where traders will learn the exact time-tested strategies used by master traders and brokers!


3. Weekly live calls analyzing the different trading positions taken, their performance!

4. How to deploy those insights for better trades every week!


5. Analysis of which trading market can offer a bigger profit in the current scenario!

6. Thorough understanding of expert risk management to increase profit potential big time.

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Our Team

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Michael Cerisano, CEO


Jason Wojo, Marketing | Phone: (845) 522-1238

My name is Michael Cerisano, I was born in New York.  In 2015, I was a sophomore in college where I began investing and trading.  I became interested in trading because of stocks which introduced me to the financial world. Stocks drew my attention to the financial world, how markets work, and how to start investing and growing my money.  Over the last 3 years, I developed a skill for this, which led me in wanting to help others learn and grow wealth themselves.

My name is Jason Wojo and I'm 22 years old and I currently live in Orlando, Florida where I run a 10+ clientele marketing agency servicing clients from personal branding, copywriting, sales funnels, ecommerce, press, and more! I want to spread my knowledge and tactics to the world as I grow my agency in hopes of helping others do the same and travel the world while doing so!

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